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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 102 pages.

Book Review

Lyrics of Love

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The brief erotic poetry collection "Lyrics of Love" tests the bounds of what’s sexy. The piquing and provocative entries of Elvin Blake Primm’s trim poetry collection "Lyrics of Love" test the bounds of propriety. This collection is... Read More

Book Review

Tuesday Night Requiem

by Mari Carlson

"Tuesday Night Requiem" is a polarized modern-day Western novella with a tender twist in which a nurse battles to die with dignity. In L. S. Collison’s contemporary Western novella "Tuesday Night Requiem", renegade health workers... Read More

Book Review

The Life Giving Plant

by Delia Stanley

"The Life Giving Plant" is an adventure novel in which the ethical implications of humanity’s quest for money and immortality take center stage. In Naresh Devshi Parbat’s adventure novel "The Life Giving Plant", a businessman... Read More

Book Review

From Grief to Acceptance

by Kristine Morris

"From Grief to Acceptance" is a comforting text that paves the way toward healing from loss. Misty Proffitt-Thompson’s active, empowering, and healing "From Grief to Acceptance" suggests steps for navigating the grieving process while... Read More

Book Review

Transaction Histories

by Matt Sutherland

Lush imagery, beckoning history, curious interactions, elusive dreams, and existential questions fuse in this prose poetry collection, the fifth by Donna Stonecipher. She resides in Berlin and translates from both French and German.... Read More

Book Review

Will of the Hill

by Catherine Thureson

Within an extraordinary setting, Will and his friends learn some straightforward lessons in the relatable "Will of the Hill". In Marshall Cobb’s lighthearted middle-grade novel "Will of the Hill", a young boy faces a familiar dilemma... Read More

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