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Asthma-Free Naturally

In Asthma-Free Naturally (Conari Press, 978-1-57324-372-8), Patrick McKeown writes, “You will read about how I transformed myself from an acute asthmatic with a permanent ill-ness requiring daily drug intake—and hospitalization from time to time—to a virtual non-asthmatic who is totally free from asthma symptoms, attacks…and medication.”

McKeown uses the Buteyko Breathing Method, and his book helps readers retrain their own breathing habits. Hyperventilation, he says, or “overbreathing” is the main contributor of asthma. To reduce overbreathing, patients must first become very conscious of how they breathe, and train themselves to breathe through the nose. The book then instructs readers on correct breath-ing while talking, sleeping, and performing physical activity using the Buteyko Method. Ways to test the body’s improvement are provided, and McKeown advises readers to test their progress frequently. The author is an accredited Buteyko practitioner in the United Kingdom.

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