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Alaska's Copper River Delta

Foreword Review — Jan / Feb 1999

The Copper River Delta rests in south central Alaska like a fragile emerald crown, beautiful in its complexity and delicate in its balance. Nowhere in North America does such a varied and sensitive ecosystem exist. The delta encompasses over seven hundred thousand acres, making it the largest wetland on the Pacific Coast. In her book, Alaska’s Copper River Delta, Riki Ott has assembled a wonderful collection of photographs, art and writings that pay tribute to this unique place.

Ott, with the help of many other conversationalists and concerned organizations, presents this book in hopes of preserving one of the last great wild places. What makes this book different from the common Alaska photo collection is the concentration on one specific geographic location and ecosystem. Besides that, Ott uses wonderfully written descriptions in conjunction with photographs, paintings, sketches, and more abstract art. The result is a broad understanding of the delta, and an appreciation for the people who wish to protect this place. This book is a must for those who love Alaska and have a strong desire to protect our natural wonders.

Alan L. White