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Books Reviewed in Mystery

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Phoenix-based Eskel “Worth” Worthman is content to be a low-risk private eye, trading in “cameras and skulking and stakeouts”—the tamer side of detection that keeps... Read More

Book Review


Murder, corporate mayhem, golf, musical oldies, and archery blend together in Target, a gutsy mystery that unfolds on the banks of Clear Lake in northern Michigan. Pete Thorsen... Read More

Book Review

The Lie

In this twist on the traditional doppelganger tale, a downtrodden woman is given the opportunity of a lifetime—a frightening encounter with her other self. Unhappy and... Read More

Book Review

The Fallen

A diabolical genius and his band of terrorist thugs have taken over the G8 Summit in Colorado, threatening to kill world leaders one-by-one if their demands are not met. The... Read More

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