Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2021 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

A Spell of Rowans (978-1-954811-01-0) by Byrd Nash, Rook and Castle
Blade Lord (978-0-648-43727-7) Dark Blade Publishing
Daughter of the Salt King (978-0-7443-0391-9) by A. S. Thornton, CamCat Books
Haelend's Ballad (978-1-73688-062-3) Self-Published
House of Bastiion (978-1-73546-060-4) Rogue Kite Publishing
Miss Bennet's Dragon (978-1-73666-291-5) Acerbic Press
The Forest Kingdom (978-1-949671-28-5) by Jamie Thomas, Uproar Books
The Serpent and the Swan (978-1-73631-900-0) by Ashland Pym, Night Sea Press
The Unburied Queen (978-1-73437-766-8) by Capes, Capas
A House Full of Windsor (978-1-948018-99-9) by Kristin Contino, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
Call It Horses (978-1-950539-25-3) by Jessie van Eerden, Dzanc Books
Drowned Town (978-1-950564-15-6) by Jayne Moore Waldrop, University Press of Kentucky
Faron Goss (978-1-950584-51-2) Green Writers Press
Milk Without Honey (978-0-578-82866-4) by Lorene Hoover, IngramSpark
My Famous Brain (978-1-64742-205-9) by Diane Wald, She Writes Press
One Thousand Eyes (978-976-640820-6) by Barbara Lalla, The University of the West Indies Press
Sugar Birds (978-1-64742-068-0) by Cheryl Grey Bostrom, She Writes Press
The Blue Book of Nebo (978-1-64605-100-7) by Manon Steffan Ros, Deep Vellum Publishing
The Book of Otto and Liam (978-1-946448-76-7) by Paul Griner, Sarabande Books
A Small Hotel (978-1-73726-495-8) by Suanne Laqueur, Cathedral Rock Press
Bitter Magic (978-1-62006-842-7) by Nancy Hayes Kilgore, Milford House
Dovetails in Tall Grass (978-1-68463-093-6) by Samantha Specks, SparkPress
Dusk's Darkest Shores (978-0-8254-4653-5) by Carolyn Miller, Kregel Publications
In Times of Rain and War (978-1-62972-854-4) Shadow Mountain Publishing
March 1917 (978-0-268-20170-8) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Marian Schwartz (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
Smyrna in Flames (978-1-942134-75-6) by Homero Aridjis and Lorna Scott Fox (translator), Mandel Vilar Press
The Mrs. Tabor (978-1-73681-690-5) by Kimberly Burns, Thomas Bard Publishing
To Zenzi (978-1-936970-69-8) by Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Press
Where Madness Lies (978-1-78904-460-7) by Sylvia True, Top Hat Books
A History of Saints (978-1-945049-19-4) Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Chicken Nibbles (978-0-645-09751-1) by Alan Corbett, Amazon KDP
Em's Awful Good Fortune (978-1-64742-142-7) by Marcie Maxfield, She Writes Press
Fate Accompli (978-1-941637-74-6) by Keith R. Fentonmiller, Ellysian Press
Four Dead Horses (978-1-64603-066-8) Regal House Publishing
High Ground (979-871211674-4) Self-published
Just River (978-1-68433-814-6) by Sara B. Fraser, Black Rose Writing
The Cupid Chronicles (978-1-73771-220-6) Apricot Springs Publishing
Changing Majors (978-1-63679-081-7) by Ana Hartnett Reichardt, Bold Strokes Books
Doubting Thomas (978-1-61294-199-8) by Matthew Clark Davison, Amble Press
Farview (978-1-952724-09-1) by Kim Fielding, Tin Box Press
Foxfire in the Snow (978-1-64890-340-3) by J. S. Fields, Ninestar Press
Game Over (978-1-73734-110-9) Elliot Torres
Not Guilty (978-1-63555-896-8) by Brit Ryder, Bold Strokes Books
Spirit of the Law (978-1-63555-766-4) by Carsen Taite, Bold Strokes Books
Suture (978-1-77166-702-9) by Nic Brewer, Book*hug Press
The Clinch (978-1-63555-820-3) by Nicole Disney, Bold Strokes Books
The Wasteland (978-1-64630-042-6) by Harper Jameson and W.A.W. Parker (contributor), Level 4 Press
Two Boys at Breakwater (978-1-56703-016-7) High-Top Publishing
Until We Fall (978-1-938841-99-6) Jaded Ibis Press
From the Caves (978-1-63628-002-8) by Thea Prieto, Red Hen Press
Instructor (978-1-55081-866-6) Breakwater Books Ltd.
Life Sciences (978-1-63206-295-6) by Joy Sorman and Lara Vergnaud (translator), Restless Books
Nazaré (978-1-62963-908-6) by JJ Amaworo Wilson, PM Press
Search History (978-1-56689-617-7) Coffee House Press
Skin Elegies (978-1-950539-35-2) by Lance Olsen, Dzanc Books
Solo Viola (978-1-5179-1119-5) by Antoine Volodine and Lia Swope Mitchell (translator), University of Minnesota Press
Subjects We Left Out (978-1-949776-08-9) Veliz Books
The Femme Fatale Hypothesis (978-1-64603-176-4) by David R. Roth, Regal House Publishing
These Bones (978-1-941360-55-2) by Kayla Chenault, Lanternfish Press
Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack (978-1-4597-4678-7) by Heidi von Palleske, Dundurn
A Girl Called Rumi (978-1-942436-46-1) Forest Avenue Press
Hope Valley (978-1-949290-59-2) by Haviva Ner-David, Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC
House Number 12 Block Number 3 (978-1-73541-457-7) by Sana Balagamwala, Hidden Shelf Publishing House
My Good Son (978-1-60801-201-5) by Yang Huang, The University of New Orleans Press
Noopiming (978-1-5179-1125-6) by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, University of Minnesota Press
Tainna (978-1-77162-271-4) Douglas & McIntyre
The Salt Fields (978-1-941360-49-1) by Stacy D. Flood, Lanternfish Press
These Americans (978-1-950811-06-9) by Jyotsna Sreenivasan, Minerva Rising
10 Days (978-1-950627-36-3) Pandamoon
COLDWATER REVENGE (978-1-953789-54-9) Level Best Books
Death of a Messenger (978-1-60809-403-5) by Robert McCaw, Oceanview Publishing
Jove Brand Is Near Death (978-0-7443-0170-0) by J. A. Crawford, CamCat Books
Killing Innocence (978-1-73691-981-1) Whitaker Press
Lies with Man (978-1-61294-197-4) by Michael Nava, Amble Press
Message in a Bullet (978-1-73463-035-0) OTF Literary
Murder at Greysbridge (978-1-60809-428-8) by Andrea Carter, Oceanview Publishing
Shadow Music (978-1-60809-450-9) by Helaine Mario, Oceanview Publishing
The Housemaid (978-1-83828-075-8) by Sarah A. Denzil, Sarah A. Denzil
The Last of Her (978-1-944467-33-3) Nighthorse
Windfall (978-1-77532-260-3) Shima Kun Press
Roots of Wood and Stone (978-0-8254-4668-9) by Amanda Wen, Kregel Publications
Strange Children (978-1-59709-116-9) Red Hen Press
Sugar Birds (978-1-64742-068-0) by Cheryl Grey Bostrom, She Writes Press
The Good Wine (978-1-73469-074-3) Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing
The Image (978-0-8253-0976-2) by Steven Faulkner, Beaufort Books
The Seed Bearer's Bride (978-1-73261-464-2) by Jean Hoefling, Jean Hoefling
The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady (978-0-8254-4702-0) by Sharon J. Mondragón, Kregel Publications
A Proper Scoundrel (978-1-5244-1698-0) by Esther Hatch, Covenant Communications
A Woman to Treasure (978-1-63555-890-6) by Ali Vali, Bold Strokes Books
Daughter of the Salt King (978-0-7443-0391-9) by A. S. Thornton, CamCat Books
Floridian Nights (978-1-73766-950-0) by Lance Ringel, Distant Mirror Press
Husband Auditions (978-0-8254-4710-5) by Angela Ruth Strong, Kregel Publications
Isabelle and Alexander (978-1-62972-847-6) by Rebecca Anderson, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Pathway to Love (978-1-63679-110-4) by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
Song of the Nile (978-839568925-3) by Hannah Fielding, London Wall Publishing
The Brass Queen (978-0-7443-0009-3) by Elizabeth Chatsworth, CamCat Books
The Husband Plot (978-1-73438-135-1) by Katherine Grant, Amazon KDP
Science Fiction
205Z (978-0-9970475-1-6) by The CMD Studios (illustrator) and Kieron Anthony Lewis (illustrator), The Cluster Chronicles, LLC
Falcon's Ghost (978-0-648-90094-8) by Mike Waller, Rampart Publishing
How Icasia Bloom Touched Happiness (978-1-925965-60-5) by Jessica Bell, Vine Leaves Press
Nostalgia Is Heartless (978-1-64742-209-7) by Sarah Lahey, She Writes Press
Sea Wolf (978-1-61294-201-8) by Anna Burke, Bywater Books
The Caduca (978-1-913567-48-4) by Elaine Graham-Leigh, The Conrad Press
The Original Glitch (978-1-941360-59-0) by Melanie Moyer, Lanternfish Press
Vicarious (978-1-949890-72-3) Aethon Books
Short Stories
Big Bad (978-1-946448-72-9) by Whitney Collins, Sarabande Books
Danged Black Thing (978-1-925760-84-2) by Eugen Bacon, Transit Lounge Publishing
Deadheading and Other Stories (978-1-63628-000-4) Red Hen Press
Echo Tree (978-1-56689-607-8) by Henry Dumas, Coffee House Press
Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons (978-1-946154-52-1) Meerkat Press
King of the Animals: Stories (978-0-8071-7273-5) by Josh Russell, Louisiana State University Press
Radium Girl (978-1-989496-26-8) by Sofi Papamarko, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
Tales the Devil Told Me (978-1-950413-32-4) by Jen Fawkes, Press 53
Wave Forms and Doom Scrolls (978-1-989496-38-1) by Daniel Scott Tysdal, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
Thriller & Suspense
Crickets (978-1-951796-07-5) by Lee Chappel, Bleau Press
Danger on the Loch (978-1-5244-1520-4) Covenant Communications
Paradise, WV (978-1-68442-670-6) by Rob Rufus, Keylight Books
The Devil Incarnate (978-1-63555-534-9) by Ali Vali, Bold Strokes Books
The Gold Persimmon (978-1-951971-05-2) Creature Publishing
The Happiness Thief (978-1-64742-057-4) by Nicole Bokat, She Writes Press
The Necklace (978-1-60809-458-5) by Matt Witten, Oceanview Publishing
The Quiet People (978-1-913193-94-2) by Paul Cleave, Orenda Books
Unforgiving Savage (978-1-61153-410-8) by Dave Edlund, Light Messages Publishing
War & Military
A Mother's Tale & Other Stories (978-1-949540-23-9) C&R Press
Edge of Armageddon (978-1-950154-71-5) The Sager Group
Heirs of Falcon Point (978-1-5244-1779-6) by Traci Hunter Abramson, Sian Ann Bessey, Paige Edwards, and A. L. Sowards, Covenant Communications
Marines of Quế Sơn (978-1-5255-6142-9) by R.B. MacNichol, FriesenPress
Silence (978-1-944762-88-9) Islandport Press
The Cotillion Brigade (978-0-9961541-1-6) Brigid's Fire Press
To Zenzi (978-1-936970-69-8) by Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Press
Traitors for the Sake of Humanity (978-1-73531-393-1) Cross Seas Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
A Sports Fan's Guide to Route 66 (978-1-945501-73-9) Imbrifex Books
Alone in Wonderland (978-1-73484-180-0) Rugged Outdoors Woman
America's Great Forest Trails: 100 Woodland Hikes of a Lifetime (978-0-8478-6757-8) Rizzoli New York
Picturing America's Pastime (978-1-64250-533-7) Mango Publishing Group
Tai Chi Concepts and Experiments (978-1-59439-741-7) YMAA Publication Center
The Competitive Buddha (978-1-64250-589-4) Mango Publishing Group
The Fein Points of Tennis (978-1-60679-547-7) Coaches Choice
The Impossible Mile (978-1-947297-37-1) by Johnny Agar and Becki Agar, Dexterity
The Least Among Them (978-1-951122-16-4) by Paul Russell Semendinger, Artemesia Publishing
David Driskell: Icons of Nature and History (978-0-8478-6992-3) Rizzoli Electa
Emma Amos: Color Odyssey (978-0-915977-46-8) Georgia Museum of Art
Fabric of a Nation (978-0-87846-876-8) MFA Publications
Genji (978-0-87846-883-6) MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
George Carlson: The American West (978-1-59962-163-0) Welcome Books
Kay Nielsen (978-0-87846-880-5) MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Patrick Mehaffy (978-1-934491-84-3) Fresco Books
Toyin Ojih Odutola (978-0-8478-7067-7) Rizzoli Electa
Up Against the Wall (978-1-939125-78-1) by Donald Albrecht (contributor), Jessica Lacher-Feldman (contributor), and William M. Valenti (contributor), RIT Press
Autobiography & Memoir
America Calling (978-1-64742-183-0) by Rajika Bhandari, She Writes Press
Black Sheep (978-0-7573-2381-2) by Ray Studevent and Ray "Ben" Studevent, HCI Books
Cotton Teeth (978-0-578-33186-7) by Glenn Rockowitz, Harper & Case
Loving before Loving (978-0-299-33100-9) by Joan Steinau Lester, University of Wisconsin Press
Safecracker (978-1-4930-5851-8) Lyons Press
Supremely Tiny Acts (978-0-8142-5804-0) Ohio State University Press
The Sensitive One (978-1-64742-161-8) by Susan Frances Morris, She Writes Press
When Thoughts and Prayers Aren't Enough (978-0-8308-3170-8) by Taylor S. Schumann, InterVarsity Press
Wife | Daughter | Self (978-1-942436-44-7) by Beth Kephart and William Sulit (illustrator), Forest Avenue Press
You'll Never Find Us: (978-1-64742-155-7) by Jeanne Baker Guy, She Writes Press
A Mighty Force (978-1-63388-708-4) Prometheus
Dracul: Of the Father (978-1-59211-027-8) by A. K. Brackob, Gaudium Publishing
Eunice Hunton Carter (978-0-8232-9373-5) Fordham University Press
Irma's Passport (978-1-64742-305-6) She Writes Press
Queen of the Con (978-1-60635-429-2) by Thomas Crowl, Kent State University Press
Sky Rider (978-0-8263-6282-7) by Gary B. Fogel, University of New Mexico Press
The Lady Makes Boots (978-1-68283-095-6) Texas Tech University Press
The Life and Times of Jo Mora (978-1-4236-5735-4) by Peter Hiller, Gibbs Smith Books
William Still (978-0-268-20036-7) by William C. Kashatus, University of Notre Dame Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Each Day a Renewed Beginning (978-1-64250-566-5) Mango Publishing Group
Journey toward Wholeness (978-1-5140-0116-5) by Suzanne Stabile, InterVarsity Press
Nine Perfect Petals (978-1-73667-670-7) by Angela M Rosenberg, Inside Out Publishing
Practical Mindfulness (978-1-66610-460-8) by Greg Sazima, Mango
The Seeker and the Monk (978-1-5064-6496-1) Broadleaf Books
Vibrant (978-1-950665-82-2) by Stacie Stephenson, BenBella Books
Business & Economics
21st Century Investing (978-1-5230-9107-2) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Badvertising (978-1-63265-184-6) by Jim Morris, Career Press
Be Data Literate (978-1-78966-801-8) Kogan Page
Connected Capitalism (978-1-4875-0842-5) University of Toronto Press
Cyber Crisis (978-1-950665-83-9) by Eric Cole, BenBella Books
Demanding More (978-1-398-60044-7) Kogan Page
Intelligent Automation (978-981-123548-1) World Scientific Publishing
Strategic Impact (978-1-63299-316-8) Fast Company Press
The Energy Switch (978-1-63388-666-7) Prometheus
Trustworthy (978-1-989603-92-5) by Margot Bloomstein, Page Two Books
Workquake (978-1-64543-426-9) by Steve Cadigan, Amplify Publishing
Awaken to Your Calling (978-1-64742-071-0) by Randi Benator, She Writes Press
Bridges out of Poverty (978-1-948244-49-7) aha! Process
Bringing Up the Boss (978-1-953295-01-9) by Rachel Pacheco, BenBella Books
Clicks, Tricks, & Golden Handcuffs (978-1-73774-621-8) by Emily Fuggetta (editor), Stephanie Corbin (illustrator), and Sasha Reiko (photographer), Resumé Tech Guru Publishing
Dream Bold, Start Smart (978-1-77458-003-5) by Tatiana Tsoir, Page Two
Launch Your Career (978-1-5230-9268-0) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Learn Lead Lift (978-1-73525-856-0) by Wendy Ryan, Simply Good Press
The Career Toolkit (978-0-9601007-4-3) Cognosco Media, LLC
Workquake (978-1-64543-426-9) by Steve Cadigan, Amplify Publishing
52 Shabbats (978-1-951412-18-0) by Faith Kramer, The Collective Book Studio
Dreena's Kind Kitchen (978-1-950665-92-1) by Dreena Burton, BenBella Books
Kevin Belton's Cookin' Louisiana (978-1-4236-5838-2) by Kevin Belton and Monica Belton (contributor), Gibbs Smith Books
Scrumptious from The Girl Who Ate Everything (978-1-62972-933-6) Shadow Mountain Publishing
The Forager Chef's Book of Flora (978-1-60358-948-2) by Alan Bergo, Chelsea Green Publishing
The Twisted Soul Cookbook (978-0-8478-6969-5) Rizzoli New York
Ecology & Environment
A Hot Mess (978-1-5415-9777-8) Lerner/Zest Books
Bright Green Lies (978-1-948626-39-2) by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, and Max Wilbert, Monkfish Book Publishing
Dead Serious (978-1-948814-40-9) by Eli J. Knapp, Torrey House Press
Eating Wild Japan (978-1-61172-061-7) Stone Bridge Press
Full Ecology (978-1-59714-518-3) Heyday Books
Hot Talk, Cold Science (2021) (978-1-59813-341-7) by S. Fred Singer, David R. Legates, and Anthony R. Lupo, with Forewords by Frederick Seitz and William Happer, Independent Institute
In Search of Mycotopia (978-1-60358-979-6) by Doug Bierend, Chelsea Green Publishing
The Science of Hope (978-1-925820-64-5) Exisle Publishing
The Web of Meaning (978-0-86571-954-5) New Society Publishers
Becoming a Writer, Staying a Writer (978-1-950665-88-4) by J. Michael Straczynski, BenBella Books
Capturing the Classroom (978-1-952812-05-7) by Ellen I. Linnihan, Solution Tree Press
Colour Matters (978-1-4875-2631-3) University of Toronto Press
Higher Education for Democracy (978-1-4384-8449-5) by William G. Tierney, SUNY Press
Planning and Teaching in the Standards-Based Classroom (978-1-943360-71-0) by Jeff Flygare, Jan K. Hoegh, and Tammy Heflebower, Marzano Resources
Really Good Schools (978-1-59813-338-7) Independent Institute
Sisterlocking Discoarse (978-1-4384-8584-3) by Valerie Lee, SUNY Press
The Infinite Staircase (978-1-950665-98-3) by Geoffrey A. Moore, BenBella Books
The Metacognitive Student (978-1-951075-03-3) by Richard K. Cohen, Deanne Kildare Opatosky, James Savage, Susan Olsen Stevens, and Edward P. Darrah, Solution Tree Press
What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions (978-1-64250-315-9) by Christie Barnes, Mango
A Harp in the Stars (978-1-4962-1774-5) by Randon Billings Noble (editor), University of Nebraska Press
Borealis (978-1-56689-619-1) Coffee House Press
Funeral for Flaca (978-1-892061-87-4) by Emilly Prado, Future Tense Books
Moms Don't Have Time to Have Kids: A Timeless Anthology (978-1-5107-6639-6) Skyhorse Publishing
Mortality, with Friends (978-0-8143-4874-1) by Fleda Brown, Wayne State University Press
Night Rooms (978-1-953387-00-4) TWO DOLLAR RADIO
The Rock Cycle (978-0-8263-6243-8) by Kevin Honold, University of New Mexico Press
The Witch of Eye (978-1-946448-70-5) by Kathryn Nuernberger, Sarabande Books
Family & Relationships
10 Code Marriage (978-1-950385-54-6) by Lance Allerdings and Rachel Allerdings, ONBrand Books
Baby Bomb (978-1-68403-731-5) by Kara Hoppe and Stan Tatkin, New Harbinger Publications
Brave New Mom (978-1-63489-429-6) by Jessie Everts, Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Grow Wild (978-1-943370-16-0) by Katy Bowman, Propriometrics Press
Love's Legacy (978-1-73599-960-9) by Daniel Fallon, Amazonas Publishing
Navigating Your Later Years For Dummies: Portable Edition (978-1-119-80984-5) Wiley
Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teenager (979-845348670-0) Difference Press
Views from the Spectrum (978-0-8254-4667-2) by Ron Sandison, Kregel Publications
When Your Child Has a Chronic Medical Illness (978-1-4338-3381-6) APA LifeTools
You've Got This (978-1-951412-21-0) by Sara Lyon, The Collective Book Studio
Authentic Power (978-1-951412-32-6) by Ashley Bernardi, The Collective Book Studio
Dead Lines (978-0-87020-966-6) by George Hesselberg, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Grief Doodling (978-1-60808-252-0) by Harriet Hodgson, WriteLife
Odyssey of Ashes (978-1-64742-132-8) by Brooke Warner (editor) and Nan Phelps (photographer), She Writes Press
Prayer in the Night (978-0-8308-4679-5) by Tish Harrison Warren, InterVarsity Press
Tea with Dad (978-1-950584-76-5) Green Place Books
The Burning Light of Two Stars (978-1-954854-16-1) by Laura Davis, Girl Friday Books
The Good Widow (978-1-64742-149-6) by Jennifer Katz, She Writes Press
Damaged (978-1-4875-2834-8) University of Toronto Press
Off Our Chests (978-1-64687-048-6) IdeaPress Publishing
Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant! (978-1-64250-498-9) Mango Publishing Group
Pain Erasers (978-1-953295-51-4) by Michelle Schoffro Cook, BenBella Books
The Business of Botanicals (978-1-60358-748-8) by Ann Armbrecht, Chelsea Green Publishing
The Science and Technology of Growing Young (978-1-950665-87-7) by Sergey Young, BenBella Books
The Wheel of Wellness (978-1-03-911752-5) by Heather Martin, Friesen Press
Unfunc Your Gut (978-1-947708-89-1) Citrine Publishing
Yoga to Support Immunity (978-1-64250-572-6) by Melanie Salvatore-August, Mango Publishing
A Second Reckoning (978-1-64012-465-3) by Scott D. Seligman, Potomac Books (University of Nebraska Press)
Black Snake (978-1-4962-2266-4) Bison Books
Iron Women (978-1-4930-3775-9) TwoDot
Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan (978-1-63405-918-3) Mercuria Press
Mud Sweeter than Honey (978-1-63206-283-3) by Margo Rejmer, Antonia Lloyd-Jones (translator), and Zosia Krasodomska-Jones (translator), Restless Books
Plagued (978-1-950665-75-4) by John Froude, BenBella Books
The Accommodation (978-1-64605-096-3) Deep Vellum
The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton (978-0-691-21115-2) Princeton University Press
Unsettling Canada (978-1-77113-556-6) by Arthur Manuel, Ronald M. Derrickson, Naomi Klein (contributor), Nicole Schabus (contributor), and Kanahus Manuel (contributor), Between the Lines
We the Fallen People (978-0-8308-5296-3) by Robert Tracy McKenzie, IVP Academic
Hobbies & Home
Geometric Knit Blankets (978-0-8117-3868-2) Stackpole Books
Knit Hats with Woolly Wormhead (978-0-8117-3967-2) Stackpole Books
Woodturning with Resin (978-1-950934-42-3) by Keith Lackner, Cedar Lane Press
A Few Words about Words (978-0-8253-0947-2) by Joseph Diorio, Beaufort Books
Beet This (978-1-64604-188-6) by Keith Riegert, Tyanni Niles, and Sam Kaplan, Ulysses Press
Blimey, I'm Knackered! (978-1-945501-49-4) by Marshall Hall and Mark Cowie (illustrator), Imbrifex Books
Fast Funny Women (978-1-949116-20-5) Woodhall Press
Antiman (978-1-63206-280-2) by Rajiv Mohabir, Restless Books
Gay, Catholic, and American (978-0-268-20124-1) by Greg Bourke, University of Notre Dame Press
How We Do Family (978-1-61519-756-9) The Experiment
I Have Not Loved You With My Whole Heart (978-0-87071-108-4) by Cris Harris, Oregon State University Press
Outlove (978-1-5064-6404-6) by Julie Rodgers, Broadleaf Books
Self, Divided (978-0-9961952-7-0) by John Medeiros, Howling Bird Press
What Wasn't I Thinking? (978-1-63760-363-5) by Sebastian Stuart, Querelle Press
Beyond Diversity (978-1-64687-051-6) by Rohit Bhargava and Jennifer Brown, IdeaPress Publishing
California Indian Basketry (978-1-941384-52-7) by Wayne A. Thompson and Eugene S. Meieran, Sunbelt Publications
Funeral for Flaca (978-1-892061-87-4) by Emilly Prado, Future Tense Books
Heart Radical (978-1-64742-173-1) by Anne Liu Kellor, She Writes Press
Stories from Palestine (978-0-268-20033-6) by Marda Dunsky, University of Notre Dame Press
The Gatherings (978-1-4875-0895-1) University of Toronto Press
This Jade World (978-1-4962-2601-3) University of Nebraska Press
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