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Love on the Move

by Claire Foster

How do you measure love? By its intensity, its capacity to change the world? This fall’s indie romances ask readers to see differently, appreciate the unfamiliar, and fall in love with what’s new and dazzling. From a goblin-haunted... Read More


Only One Planet

by Anna Gooding-Call

There’s only one planet—that we can get to right now at least—at our disposal. It’s time we took care of it and encouraged others to do the same. For information on how to do that, read one of the six books reviewed in our... Read More


The Gift of Books

by Matt Sutherland

To a book lover, gift books may be a term too specifically applied to one subset of literature; all books are gifts. So what inspires the name of gift books when any other book can make its way into holiday or birthday wrapping? Whatever... Read More


Company See Company Do

by Barry Silverstein

This diverse collection of business books includes fascinating case studies of failed startup and a thriving financial organization; considered advice for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and employees; plus, a guidebook to contemporary... Read More

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