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All about Animals

by Kara Hansen

Our planet is home to millions of species of animals and, from the most common to the most exotic, each one has something that makes them extraordinary in their own way. For instance, most frogs breathe through their skin, some fish can... Read More


The World Awaits

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

The world that awaits children is big—not just big, humongous. Colossal. At least, compared to the size of a kid. And yet, we take tiny portions of it to give to them every day, telling them about what is out there for them to explore.... Read More


Children's Books the Chinese Way

by Matt Sutherland

The fifth annual China Children’s Book Fair was recently held in dynamic, tidy, and architecturally stunning Shanghai. With several of the world’s tallest buildings, an amazing riverfront, and futuristic ambiance, it is truly a... Read More


Lee & Low Names New Voices Winner

by Hannah Hohman

Roberto PeñasRoberto Peñas, author of Pedro Flores: The Toymaker has won the New Voices Award given by Lee & Low Books. Peñas will receive $1,000 and a publication deal with Lee & Low. The work is a biography of Flores, the inventor... Read More


The Storied Path to a Lifetime of Reading

by Howard Lovy

I am an older brother to four siblings, and the father of four children whose ages now range from twenty-four to eleven. Essentially, I have been reading to children almost continuously since I was old enough to read, myself. Here is one... Read More

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