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Youthful Exploration Found in YA

by Catherine Thureson

Young adulthood is an exploration. So it makes sense that YA books are often about discovery and adventure, to mirror their audience. From self reflection to quests, these six YA books, reviewed in our September/October 2017 issue show... Read More


Words Enhanced by Art

by Peter Dabbene

Why do people love graphic novels so much? What is the draw of this “alternate storytelling”? For many, the pictures add a new sort of depth to literature, another layer in the way tales present themselves. Some words simply need art... Read More


Climate Change: How to Help

by Anna Gooding-Call

The climate is changing, but the ways we can help are growing. It seems that books are practically begging us to to change our ways and to commit to fixing Mother Nature. There are many paths to take; to find which one you should pursue,... Read More


Focused, Skillful, Challenging

by Kristine Morris

The novel may be seen as the pinnacle of literary art, but the short story may be more true to the way we remember our lives—not in long, lumbering narratives, but in flashes, like summer lightning or a brief spring rain. Pointed,... Read More


How to Be Anything: Young Adult Edition

by Hannah Hohman

The only thing these books have in common is the age group of their protagonists. Which is just how we like our young adult books; varied and fantastic. Isn’t it wonderful that teenagers can be anything they want to be, even if they’re... Read More


Introducing a Love of Books

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

For many of us, love of books began when we were young. It’s wonderful to introduce children to a connection with books that could last a lifetime. So, for the love of books, and kids, here are sixteen books reviewed in our July/August... Read More

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