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Where in the World

by Barry Silverstein

There are more beautiful places on Earth than are truly fathomable. And yet, climate change is driving those places into further obscurity, overtaking them. Where in the world will be safe? What can we do? Read these six books from our... Read More


The World at Large

by Rachel Jagareski

They say the world is small. And yet, the world has so much to offer in every way possible that that can’t possibly be true. We have the Arctic, the forests, the rivers, the cities. Every fathomable place is available on Earth. And it is... Read More


Only One Planet

by Anna Gooding-Call

There’s only one planet—that we can get to right now at least—at our disposal. It’s time we took care of it and encouraged others to do the same. For information on how to do that, read one of the six books reviewed in our... Read More


Climate Change: How to Help

by Anna Gooding-Call

The climate is changing, but the ways we can help are growing. It seems that books are practically begging us to to change our ways and to commit to fixing Mother Nature. There are many paths to take; to find which one you should pursue,... Read More

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