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Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Outcast" is a rewarding fantasy novel in which a writer seeks inspiration by listening to the ramblings of a confined man. In D. J. Stoneham’s fantasy novel "Outcast", an aspiring author becomes enthralled with the ravings of a... Read More

Book Review

Vanir, Warrior

by Jeremiah Rood

"Vanir, Warrior" is an epic fantasy novel in which powerful magic is used to combat an ancient evil. In S. K. Falconer’s mythic series novel "Vanir, Warrior", human and divine fates are in the hands of three special children. As the... Read More

Book Review

Valparthan Adventuress

by Delia Stanley

In the science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women from different planets dream of empowerment, but struggle to attain it. In Dale Shillito’s science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women scientists fight against... Read More

Book Review

Eudora Space Kid

by Ian Dailey

Sure to excite young readers, the welcoming science fiction novel "Eudora Space Kid" explores the galaxy via an audacious girl. In David Horn’s science fiction novel Eudora Space Kid, a mischievous child who lives on a spaceship... Read More

Book Review

The Timematician

by Ho Lin

The science fiction novel "The Timematician" includes considerable mayhem before making poignant points about companionship, love, and the need for connections. "The Timematician" is the rollicking second installment of Steven... Read More

Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

Saving the universe requires planning, preparation, and considerable fighting in the series science fiction novel Yun’sara. A former space captain and an ancient enemy face off in Paul L. Centeno’s science fiction novel Yun’sara.... Read More

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