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2013 Finalist for Picture Books

Book Review

The Legends of Lynquest

by Carolyn Bailey

Hess writes with respect for his young audience in his broad, sweeping themes of cross-cultural unity and the power of individuals to change a course of action. A mysterious and magical storyteller named Lynquest serves as both narrator... Read More

Book Review

Remnants of the Gods

by Jason Henninger

Persuasive and engaging arguments support a suggestion of alien influence in our archaeological history. Even casual readers of books about aliens and UFOs will have heard the name Erich von Däniken. Since 1968’s Chariots of the Gods,... Read More

Book Review

The Soul Box

by Sheila M. Trask

Exquisite technical detail by a knowledgeable author sets up this startling medical thriller. What if we had the technology to keep our brains alive after our other organs had expired? Would we do it? Should we? Those are the unusual... Read More

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