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Book Review

The Dissonant Spies

by Aimee Jodoin

A “good Nazi, bad Nazi” scenario evokes cognitive dissonance in a twist on the fast-paced action thriller. After washing up on the New Jersey shore on a German life raft, two Nazi spies, Rebekka Bader and Lukas Schott, begin their... Read More

Book Review

12 Strategies for Success

by Barry Silverstein

This nicely packaged, compact volume reinforces the basic tenets of successful living. Books about living a successful life flood the self-improvement shelves of libraries and bookstores every year, so it is rare for any newly published... Read More

Book Review

Obscene Thoughts

by Lee Gooden

Sorry, ladies, says pornographer; men are just natural cheaters. Men are “hard-wired” to cheat on women sexually, says pornographer Dave Pounder, who explains why in "Obscene Thoughts". Pounder says that evolutionary biology teaches... Read More

Book Review

Above It All

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Enlivened with aviation terminology, this entertaining story realistically captures high-stakes flight adventures. Private aircraft and a drug deal ensnare an unlikely trio in a high-stakes escapade in Chaz Hunt’s behind-the-scenes... Read More

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