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2020 GOLD Winner for Reference

Book Review

Birth of the Anima

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Kelsey K. Sather’s powerful epic fantasy novel "Birth of the Anima", generations of women fight to restore the planet to her natural balance. More than two thousand years ago, Avni, the fifth Anima, helped to save her people from... Read More

Book Review

Unceasing Militant

by Karen Rigby

Alison M. Parker’s salient academic biography of undersung civil rights and women’s rights activist Mary Eliza Church Terrell analyzes excerpts from Terrell’s diary, letters, and autobiography to depict how personal and public... Read More

2017 Finalist for Art

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Jen Townsend and Renée Zettle-Sterling
Schiffer Publishing
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2012 Finalist for Art

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