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Book Review

Father Divine's Bikes

by Mari Carlson

Father Divine’s Bikes is a haunting historical novel about a city’s coming of age. Steve Bassett’s novel, Father Divine’s Bikes, exposes postwar Newark’s underbelly. Following two related murders, circulation wars between major... Read More

Book Review

Kill Code

by Benjamin Welton

"Kill Code" is a shocking thriller whose many revelations stem from a woman’s horrible past. Luna Kayne’s taut thriller "Kill Code", the first novel in the Kill Code Trilogy, combines computer hacking, covert operations, and past... Read More

2019 Finalist for Health

2019 BRONZE Winner for Health

2019 HONORABLE Mention for LGBTQ+

Book Review


by Meg Nola

In Susan M. Gaines’s intricate and informative novel "Accidentals", a twenty-three-year-old, Gabriel, takes an unexpected voyage with his mother, Lili, back to her native Uruguay. To do this, Gabriel quits his well-paying yet... Read More

Book Review

The Protectors

by Joseph S. Pete

"The Protectors" is an engaging thriller that maintains suspense as characters are revealed to not be who they seem. In Jolynn Angelini’s intriguing novel "The Protectors", spouses, neighbors, and colleagues are not who they seem to... Read More

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