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Book Review

The Princess and the Fangirl

by Jaime Herndon

Ashley Poston is back with "The Princess and the Fangirl", another book set in the Geekerella universe of ExcelsiCon. Jessica Stone plays Princess Amara in Starfield, which has a huge fan following. When her character is killed off,... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"Split-Level" is a literary novel that navigates intimate struggles with unforgettable style. Sande Boritz Berger sets a 1970s Jersey housewife on a provocative collision course in "Split-Level", a sharp portrait of female empowerment.... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

C.H. Armstrong’s compelling young adult novel "Roam" follows a homeless teenager as she and her family struggle to make a fresh start in a new town. Abby is hurt and angry. Her family has been forced out of their home in Nebraska.... Read More

Book Review

The Storm over Paris

by John M. Murray

"The Storm over Paris" is a taut historical thriller brimming with heart and darkness. William Ian Grubman’s historical novel "The Storm over Paris" is a harrowing tale of art theft, war, and family. In 1942, Mori Rothstein runs a... Read More

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