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Book Review

Forbidden Secrets

by Erika Harlitz Kern

The novel captures the tumult of teenage life as it skirts around encounters with mysterious creatures. In Jen Ritchie’s supernatural fantasy novel Forbidden Secrets, teenager Twyla Sokolovski confronts her hidden past and discovers... Read More

Book Review

Dreux Club Blues

by Susan Waggoner

By centering on a career officer who’s worked almost every district of the city, the book offer a bird’s-eye view of just about every situation imaginable in New Orleans. Scott D. Fenner’s historical novel "Dreux Club Blues" brings... Read More

Book Review

The Depths

by John M. Murray

Kirk Kjeldsen’s "The Depths" takes a woman on the edge and pushes her farther, resulting in a dark, engaging, and contemplative thriller. After a series of miscarriages and marriage woes, Eden Lenaerts plans a Malaysian getaway with... Read More

2017 Finalist for Body, Mind & Spirit

Book Review

No Sad Songs

by Catherine Thureson

In the poignant "No Sad Songs", teenage Gabe is not particularly popular. He loves baseball and poetry. His best friend is John. And his grandfather lives with his family and suffers from dementia. Gabe’s occasional responsibilities to... Read More

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