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Compo’s prolific, yet easily accessible writing style offers an exciting,
swashbuckling epic reminiscent of the timeless tales of Robin Hood. Her story
is peopled with good-guy pirates, bad-guy land barons, a society of women
sorceresses, evil priests, dragon-like demons, a hero with uncanny powers that
he must learn to use in order to accomplish his quest and a feisty young girl
named Genevieve who hates him because his father killed her parents, stole her
family’s ancestral home and left her brother to be raised in an orphanage and
her in a nunnery where she was abused and mistreated.

Syn-Jern Sorn, the hero with latent magical powers, is a young man born into
aristocracy but hated by his father and mother because of the circumstances of
his birth. His heritage is stolen from him when his brother brands him a
murderer and sentences him to a penal colony from which no one escapes. Yet he
does escape. Sadistic bounty hunters recapture him and torture him on board the
prisoner transport ship as they are taking him back to the penal colony when
the winds of chance step in. Near death, he is rescued by a pirate band that
has vowed to free their people from the rule of the Brotherhood of Domination.
The pirates accept him as one of their own, but the unforgiving Genevieve
blames him for his father’s sins. Syn-Jern falls in love with her, but will she
ever return that love? They and the pirates set out to find the secret of his
powers so they can exact revenge upon the overlords who dominate their people.
This is a fast paced tale with one adventure after another to keep the reader
entranced. The unexpected ending guarantees that Windchance will be a
thoroughly enjoyed quest novel.

Reviewed by S. Joan Popek

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