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March 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2000.

Book Review

The Isherwood Century

by Paul J. Willis

Respected for his work and admired for his personality, Isherwood has always been considered both a literary and a gay pioneer. Compiled by scholars Berg and Freeman, The Isherwood Century contains twenty-four essays and interviews that... Read More

Book Review

Bleeding Out

by Mark Terry

Some crime novels succeed or fail on the merits of the mystery; others succeed or fail on the appeal of the main character. Ideally, a successful crime novel has both. This one does, and the reader will be rooting not only for a solution... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Wyckoff

Exposing the inspiration for her anthology of erotic science fiction short stories, Tan conjures the Orwellian dystropia of 1984, the novel which first spawned the eight ominous letters that signify repression and the dark bloom of... Read More

Book Review

Beyond Anger

by E. James Lieberman

Anger and dreaming have this in common: everybody has both, but subjective awareness runs the gamut from being oblivious to being overwhelmed. Those who find the happy medium can process what goes on inside and make good use of it, or... Read More

Book Review

When Girls Feel Fat

by Megan Kopp

The title of this book causes a reaction—a comment, a startled glance, a nervous chuckle. The subject of weight and feeling fat is a touchy issue, but according to the author, feeling fat is not really a feeling, it is a code. In order... Read More

Book Review

Graveyard of the Atlantic

by Cari Noga

North Carolina’s coast is notorious in nautical lore for the number of ships and lives it has claimed. In this collection Hagy creates an equally grim coast where people come to bury their hopes. From a frustrated, awkward adolescent... Read More

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