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Book Review

Capitol Murder

by Delia Stanley

"Capitol Murder" is a compelling thriller that looks inside the United States’s health care system. In Mike Brogan’s political thriller "Capitol Murder", two ambitious women working to see universal health care legislation passed in... Read More

Book Review

The Next Election

by Delia Stanley

"The Next Election" marries love and government and exudes sensitivity and charm. Landon Wallace’s political romance "The Next Election" continues the story of star-crossed lovers who throw themselves into their work to avoid their... Read More

Book Review

Halo of Power

by Benjamin Welton

"Halo of Power" is an addictive political thriller focused on the biggest sociopolitical questions of our time. Jeremy Holden’s thriller "Halo of Power" continues the adventures of Mal Thomas, the world’s most exciting advertising... Read More

Book Review

Dazzling Travis

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Travis likes basketball and blocks. He also likes shopping and ballet. When playground bullies try to shame him, Travis stands up for himself and faces them head on. Inspired by the true story a boy struggling to fit in at school, the... Read More

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