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This Heart Holds Many

My Life as the Nonbinary Millennial Child of a Polyamorous Family

Discussing their multi-parent, polyamorous family and childhood, Koe Creation’s memoir This Heart Holds Many is about growing up and becoming an adult in a non-standard family situation.

The narration follows two parallel threads. The first follows Creation’s lifelong journey of understanding what it means to be a “family” with many parents, aunts and uncles, half-siblings, and others, not all of whom are biologically related but are rather chosen as family. The focus and purpose is to convey the frustration of being automatically doubted in one’s legitimacy as a family, as well as to show the ingenuity and thoughtful care that Creation’s multiple parents took in creating parenting structures that neither stifled their children nor let them run wild.

The second thread of the story is more personal, coming in sections entitled “Adulting.” It involves Creation’s emotional journey as they encountered the rocky beginnings of adulthood, relied on their network, and moved toward stable work. At the same time, Creation develops their own sexuality, informed by their childhood in a family of sex-positive polyamory.  This section showcases that children from all kinds of families struggle with the early years of adulthood but that having a supportive network of parents benefits children greatly.

Creation’s articulate prose offers their audience a variety of ways to question and learn that are curious and polite. Their narration demystifies a complex topic so that others can address it with clarity and precision. Creation is also an educator, and their background is clear. Their thorough self-knowledge results in a likable, genuine narration, taking their strengths and their weaknesses into account and moving forward into adulthood.

This Heart Holds Many is a thoughtful, hopeful LGBTQ+ memoir that includes parenting guidance on creative ways to raise children collectively and compassionately.

Reviewed by Laura Leavitt

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