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The Secret Power of Attraction Symbols

How to Change, Get and Keep Everything That You Really Want To

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

A New Age guidebook fueled by conviction, The Secret Power of Attraction Symbols also boasts a compelling personal story.

“For a miracle to take place, you have to believe in it,” author Maya Peron says in The Secret Power of Attraction Symbols. The book is a handy guide to symbols that, according to Peron, can help people bring success, love, and happiness into their lives.

Attraction symbols are pictures or charms made of carefully composed dots, arcs, and spots. Carrying an attraction symbol or using it in meditation can manifest the desired quality; abundance, fertility, and loyalty are among the seventy-seven symbols included in the book. Peron emphasizes that using a symbol doesn’t automatically produce results; it’s a tool to “help us harmonize energy and find the hidden best in us.”

Peron purchased these symbols in 2007 and has transformed them from a series of illustrations (drawn by an unnamed, uncredited artist) to a New Age tool for entrepreneurs. Her book cites anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of the attraction symbols, such as surviving a head-on car crash thanks to the safety and protection symbol in her glove compartment. Some of the symbols, which are arranged in alphabetical order, are accompanied by personal stories that endorse the effectiveness of the picture. Others include a space to journal or an inspirational, spiritual quote.

A description of each symbol’s attributes is included alongside a full-color illustration. Most of these perfunctory interpretations are brief and impersonal. However, other descriptions are lyrical and border on flowery. This creates an unevenness as the tone careens from a marketer’s enthusiasm to deeply mystical reflections on the meaning of life.

The introduction tells a tender story, but much of the rest of the book doesn’t live up to its promise. At its core, this is a catalog of symbols and symbol accessories that Peron sells on her website. Although the book may be useful for people who are interested in using the symbols for contemplation, Attraction Symbols emphasizes the importance of having a physical token on hand, in a pocket, or dangling from a rearview mirror. Manifestation requires focus and commitment; however, Peron does not delve into the nuts and bolts of this spiritual practice.

In addition to running her New Age business website, Peron is also an inspirational speaker and spiritual coach. Attraction Symbols is her first book. Although it reflects decades of accumulated understanding of the law of attraction and other practices, not all of that knowledge is included; instead, the focus is on images of the attraction symbols, and the provision of explanations of the results they can elicit.

Brightly colored illustrations and a compelling personal story are the strongest elements of this New Age guidebook.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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