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The Power within Me

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Each vignette in this inspiring book offers catharsis to people who have experienced bullying.

A professional coach who has experienced bullying offers a collection of inspirational writings designed to empower other victims. The Power within Me is a simple yet highly inspirational book in which Teresa Wright addresses bullying in a unique way. Instead of writing about the problem, she lives the problem. The volume is a compilation of numerous short entries written in the first person that read more like poetry than prose. This approach immediately immerses the audience in the experience of being bullied.

Each of the titled entries tells a little story, and each is poignant in its own way, none more so than “I Will Forgive You.” Here, Wright talks about the importance of forgiving an individual, even if that person has done hurtful and abusive things. The author writes, “I need to do this so that I can let go / of my destructive past and / finally release the pain and bitterness I / endured, forcing me to believe life / had no value. // I will now change my faith and accept / a powerful life of peace and / passion.” Another entry, “The Four-Legged Lesson,” demonstrates how a cherished dog, rather than being judgmental, offers a bullied person unconditional love. Writes the author, “I feel her love, compassion, appreciation, / warmth, and protection, telling me to slow / down, take in nature, and enjoy life.”

Every piece of writing crafted by Wright is direct, powerful, and cathartic. She clearly understands exactly how bullying can affect one’s self-esteem. Her overarching strong “I” message is one of resilience, hope, and empowerment.

A black-and-white photograph that nicely complements the text accompanies each short chapter. A few of the images are a bit amateurish and could be of better quality; still, the photos do add to the overall presentation. The full-color cover image of a silhouetted woman with arms raised fits well with the title of the book.

The interior is very pleasing to the eye as well. In addition to the use of photographs, the text is set up in poetic form, broken into centered lines that appear to be stanzas rather than paragraphs. This technique adds visual interest to each chapter and encourages slower, more deliberate reading of the author’s words. Wright ends the book with an affirmation that promotes belief in oneself. She appends several blank pages for “Journal Writing,” which offer readers an opportunity to express their own feelings about bullying.

While the volume may have benefited from an introduction and perhaps instructions for its use, The Power within Me does not lack emotional impact. This is a beautifully executed work that anyone who has experienced bullying or wants to understand its effects should find truly uplifting.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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