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The Power of Fastercise

Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day

Denis Wilson’s The Power of Fastercise introduces a breakthrough way to achieve fat loss and fitness with low effort. The method involves signaling the body’s natural responses to movement and exercise; no gym membership is required.

Fastercise encompasses two unique exercises, Tightercise and Shivercise. Both involve muscle contraction techniques performed in short bursts. Sessions can be done in as little as a minute; Fastercise focuses on triggering hormone signals over burning a high number of calories.

Wilson explains that what makes Fastercise an effective fat loss method is that workouts are strategically performed in response to bodily cues. For example, when the body feels hunger pangs, a Fastercise session signals the body to burn its fat stores for fuel and the discomfort of hunger is eliminated. Fat loss occurs because the body burns what it already has instead of burning a new meal eaten in response to hunger.

The relationship between metabolic rates and body temperature is explored. Examples demonstrate how Fastercise can increase temperature, and thus metabolic rate, and keep it elevated for longer than more strenuous exercises. The text also speaks on new research that explains the difficulties some have with achieving success in fitness. The roles played by hormones like insulin, epinephrine, cortisol growth hormone, and leptin are explained, and new conclusions on the often advised “several small meals a day” weight control method are surprising.

Simple analogies help in imparting understandings about the book’s complex topics. The writing is persuasive and energetic, and the book’s claims are attractive; its concept is so simple that you can Fastercise while reading the book.

Those looking for a low-impact path to fitness and fat loss will appreciate The Power of Fastercise.

Reviewed by Tanisha Rule

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