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The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence

Unlocking the Deeper Reality That Guarantees Permanent Happiness

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Parmeggiani anchors the spiritual nature of his discussions in real-world terms, engaging readers in exploring the personal impact of his insights.

Sometimes, one must pay a terrible price to undergo a spiritual awakening. For Daniel Parmeggiani, it was a horrible childhood event and his subsequent emotional breakdown that eventually led him to find the truth he was seeking. Now a spiritual teacher, Parmeggiani candidly tells his story and explains how he came to enlightenment in his heartfelt and uplifting book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence.

Parmeggiani begins, as he must, with his own story, but rather than dwell on the pain of his childhood, he uses his experience to introduce the reader to certain spiritual principles, all centered on a simple thought: “I am always doing the best I can with what I know.” Writes the author, “The key to unconditional love, inner peace, lasting happiness, and real freedom is having a profound understanding of what truly drives each and every one of us.”

In part one of the book, Parmeggiani reveals and discusses the first five of ten “magnificent truths,” which are essentially insightful statements about how to live a happy life. Here, Parmeggiani also begins to employ a technique he continues to use in each chapter, a section called “Verify for Yourself.” Each time he explains a truth, he suggests that the reader “verify” its relevance by answering a series of questions or completing an exercise. This serves to anchor the spiritual nature of the discussion in real-world terms, engaging the reader in exploring the personal impact of each truth.

The latter five truths are revealed in the second part of the volume. Parmeggiani also demonstrates more specifically how to put all of the ten truths into practice in everyday life. Here, he leads a spiritual journey that moves from embracing and loving oneself to accepting others and, eventually, learning how to “love every being equally.”

Parmeggiani’s writing is simple and elegant, yet it has a forcefulness that comes from a strong sense of self. He conveys his own spiritual awakening and inner peace by explaining concepts in very personal terms, and he has the ability to share what he has discovered for himself openly and freely. In explaining the need for changing one’s self-perception, for example, Parmeggiani uses “guilt-cleansing” and “shame-shredding” exercises to help the reader recognize self-worth. “Remind yourself that we are all equal in all the ways that really matter,” he writes, “that anything temporary is just a learning tool, that your path is perfect and will lead you to your ultimate destination.”

In addition to its clear writing, the book is well designed, with easy to read text, liberal use of subheads, and an occasional helpful chart. The title is admittedly grandiose, and the cover graphic of a key entering a keyhole is overused even if it is appropriate. The motif of the key is reinforced in each chapter head and as a section divider throughout.

Though the author’s truths may be self-evident to some, others will find that they offer a sense of purpose and clarity. With its unabashedly uplifting message, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence encourages the adoption of a more positive outlook on life. That in itself makes Parmeggiani’s book a worthwhile read.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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