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The Logical End

The Last Book You Will Need on Revelations

Clarion Rating: 1 out of 5

From the moment of our conception, we are starting to die. This grim idea is the tip of the iceberg of the views presented by first-time author and quality control technician Jack Varner, who sets out to tell readers how the world is quickly coming to an end.

A number of recent self-published books have dealt with current trends as they relate to the ominous Book of Revelations, but Varner prides himself on his “unique writing skills” and his “inspiration of logical thinking.” In his opening chapter, Varner downplays the importance of scholarly topics, such as Shakespeare, poetry, art, and literature. “Who cares what somebody named Shakespeare wrote and what does it have to do with anything relevant today?” he writes.

Varner displays a profoundly pessimistic attitude as he tackles such topics as computer technology, modern day warfare, currency, and—most importantly—the idea of a new world order. Varner explains that the world is on a path to destruction as outlined in the New Testament, but he fails to provide the necessary evidence in the form of quotations taken directly from the Bible. Only four times does he provide textual quotations to support his extreme beliefs.

Although Varner openly admits that he has little or no knowledge of the Muslim religion, he directs a large amount of frustration and concern at the Muslim world. “Why does nearly every Muslim male have the name Muhammad stuck in there somewhere?” he asks. “Is that a prerequisite for becoming Muslim?” In this racist and insensitive chapter, he goes on to claim that in a perfect world, everyone would see that while the majority of Muslims may not necessarily be suicide bombers, they are, of course, co-conspirators.

Varner ends by pleading with readers to find Jesus and convert to Christianity, saying he is ready to die for his cause. Unfortunately the positions he takes in his book do not follow his Savior’s teachings.

Reviewed by Liam Brennan

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