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The Handy Investing Answer Book

This easily readable, thorough question-and-answer guide acts as a valuable reference for novice and experienced investors alike.

The Handy Investing Answer Book has all the answers for the ordinary consumer who may not understand all of the complexities associated with modern-day investing. Paul Tucci, an amateur investor for over thirty years who also wrote The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book (2011), not only understands these complexities, but he also explains them in everyday language.

In a book that is as easy to read and economical with words as it is comprehensive, Tucci covers a wide range of topics: personal investing, saving, budgeting, managing debt, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investing in cash, real estate, small business investing, other investing opportunities (such as gold and art), taxes, and insurance. A chapter entitled “The Future” provides information about retirement and education investing, and a section of resources includes a discussion of the importance of financial planners, an exhaustive glossary, and an informative interview with three investment experts.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of The Handy Investing Answer Book is its structure: Every chapter is comprised of questions and answers. Tucci answers simple reference questions, such as “What is a ‘blue chip stock’?,” “What is a ‘budget’?,” and “What is a ‘home equity loan’?”; he also addresses much larger issues, such as “How can I get out of debt?,” “How can I find out how much house I can afford?,” and “How do I begin to save for retirement?” Every question is asked from the perspective of the reader and answered briefly yet authoritatively.

While the primary target of The Handy Investing Answer Book is the novice investor, chances are that even a wizened investor can learn a thing or two from this excellent book.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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