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The Face

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

There is something horrific going on at 250 Butternut Street. It’s so horrific, in fact, that people in the small Connecticut town of Meridian are actually being scared to death. And if the townspeople aren’t captivated enough with these traumatizing circumstances, there’s a mysterious figure lurking around town and a pedophile on the loose who is stalking pretty teenager, Katy Rasbach.

Mark Andrews writes a gripping horror novella that throws you right into the story, right in front of 250 Butternut Street, where three boys—ages nine through twelve—are plucking up their courage to enter the house on a dare made by one of the boys’ brothers. What happens in the house is the first of many supernatural and eerie events to take place over the following weeks.

Andrews successfully unravels a sinister tale, capturing the underlying evil of the town’s dark history, which lies beneath a seemingly tranquil and quaint facade. Characters are effectively portrayed. The reader is immediately immersed in the dynamics of the townspeople: the peer pressures and approval seeking relationship between the three daring young boys; the tight and innocent friendship between teenage girls, Katy and Gail; the strong bond between Katy and her mother; the friendly, community-minded police authorities intent on stopping the wake of terror gripping the town; Edith McInnis, the odd psychic lady who has a secret to tell but isn’t talking; and Mannie, the resentful reporter with something to prove.

The Face is a page turner with rich descriptions, crisp dialogue, and dramatic cuts from one scene to the next. Andrews also skillfully moves between the minds of characters and orchestrates a plot that has the reader wondering just what on earth is going on and who is going to be the next victim of the mysterious killer that leaves victims with their eyelids so widened that their eyeballs are literally pulled out of their sockets, and with mouths frozen open as if they have literally been scared to death.

The Face is perfect for those teenagers, young adults, and adults who love a good horror story filled with lots of suspense, a touch of gore, and the supernatural. Read it with a light on.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann

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