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The Earth Prescription

Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season

The extraordinary qualities of rubber—cushioning, elasticity, insulation (wires)—have changed society in countless ways over the past hundred and forty years, highlighted by the joy of shooting rubber bands in math class. But more and more studies are pointing to a serious problem with the ubiquity of rubber, vinyl, and plastic in our lives: they aren’t conductive, so we are blocked from receiving the earth’s vital energy.

Imagine this planet as a big battery: absorbing, storing, and circulating energy. And everything and everyone is a node on battery Earth, with energy flowing in and out continually. For our purposes, research shows that harmful inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative damage gets carried away via this energy exchange. But, if we aren’t grounded with the earth, the negative stresses have nowhere to go, so they accumulate. With rubber soled shoes in mind, might this disconnection partially explain the rapid onset of so many health ailments over the past century?

Doctor Laura Koniver thinks so. In The Earth Prescription, she offers compelling testimony, links to research and additional resources, and dozens of grounding practices to help you discover the efficacy of grounding, otherwise known as earthing. From digestive issues to insomnia, depression, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease, she points to energy flow and conductivity on a cellular level as the key to healing.

Intuitive and compelling, The Earth Prescription makes a convincing claim about the earthly powers that have facilitated life since the very beginning. We’d be wise to plug in.

Reviewed by Matt Sutherland

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