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The Creation Frequency

Tune In to the Power of the Universe to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

This deceptively simple yet powerful and practical book promotes a balanced, holistic approach to life.

Mike Murphy makes a big promise in his book, The Creation Frequency—that being in tune with the universe can lead to fulfillment and abundance. In doing so, he presents his own story as the proof that being attuned works.

When he was young, amid financial, health, and relationship turmoil, Murphy met a teacher who helped him manifest his dreams, the first of which was reconciling with his wife and young daughter. In the rags-to-riches tradition, Murphy presents practical, you-can-do-it-too principles amid a smattering of educational stories, invoking a quantum-based understanding that “the entire Universe is made not of matter but of energy.”

This is a streamlined primer on the creation frequency, “that sweet spot where you are ‘in tune’ with life,” and involves concepts like individual co-creation with the universe. Chapters like “How the Universe Really Works” move from the big picture to exploring how frequency affects the creative process.

Murphy makes use of excellent segues, pragmatic explanations, and vivid metaphors. Especially valuable is a section on bringing your life into alignment in the chapter “How to Raise Your Frequency.”

With nuanced prose and insightful examples, the text also offers a succinct yet strong explanation of the subconscious’s role in manifesting what a “life of your dreams” means—be it good health, great relationships, material abundance, or contribution to the greater good. The sensory example of an orchestra tuning up vividly illustrates what frequency looks and sounds like.

The heart of the book is a robust exploration of five key principles in the creation frequency process. Examples from the author, including a meditation script and suggestions for selecting music, not only clarify a proven process for creating in all aspects of life and livelihood, but add an unusual full-sensory twist.

The author’s stories about how the creation frequency method helped him develop stronger, more loving relationships provide evidence in favor of the process. Notably missing are the backstories about the author’s multiple successful businesses, leaving questions about how the process works in that context.

Murphy offers clear, straightforward guidance throughout. While brevity and simplicity are two of the book’s strengths, some complex concepts get boiled down to a single shorthand sentence without supporting information.

Within the self-help subgenre of “law of attraction” and “manifest an abundant life” titles, some work is better than others. This volume is a strong addition to the self-help shelf with its succinctly stated practices and focus on the importance of contributing to something beyond personal gain.

Promoting a balanced and holistic approach to life, this deceptively simple yet powerful and practical book stands as a testament to one man’s journey. Its pages are filled with love, contribution, generosity, and abundance on many levels.

Reviewed by Bobbye Middendorf

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