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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 100 pages.

Book Review

Fable of the Pack-Saddle Child

by Matt Sutherland

Like angels and unicorns, fables have made themselves scarce of late, but leave it to the land and language of magic realism to bring forth a bona fide specimen. A gorgeously illustrated, book-length poem of masterful prose, there’s... Read More

Book Review

Giving Up the Ghost

by Maya Fleischmann

Themes of sadness, faith, and the metaphysical are examined in this journey from grief to recovery and restoration. In this reassuring narrative, licensed social worker and spiritual medium, Karen Schultz reveals how grief can lead to... Read More

Book Review

Aztec Midnight

by James Burt

This fast-paced novella amps up the suspense with well-crafted dialogue and a Mexican drug cartel subplot. An American professor’s work in Mexico uncovers fake artifacts and entwines him in a kidnapping plot. While this might sound... Read More

Book Review

The Yardsale of Life

by Sheila M. Trask

This journey of self-discovery is wrapped in a wry humor that makes the story enjoyable for skeptics and believers alike. In this punchy parable, veteran writer Carol Gino sends a New Age Alice down the rabbit hole to learn life lessons... Read More

Book Review

Myths of Love

by Jason Henninger

Love, sex, and the minotaur meet in a fascinating collection of essays. In what ways do the themes of classical mythology and folklore inform people, both in the modern world and antiquity, of the nature of love and sex? What began as a... Read More

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