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The Awake Dreamer

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, and Mastering the Dreamscape

Samantha Fey’s The Awake Dreamer is a concise spiritual guidebook to dreaming. It covers what messages dreams are trying to send, and shares how to cultivate more meaningful dream time.

Encompassing prophetic dreams, dreams of past lives, communion with spirits, and lucid dreaming, the book notes ample potential for learning and growth during “resting” time. It includes exercises geared toward using one’s dreams to solve problems, communicating with departed loved ones, and remembering more of one’s dreams.

A range of dream types and mystical experiences are represented here, from talking to deceased people and witnessing their deaths, to remembering past lives and uncovering the emotional healing from them that still needs to be done. Metaphysical anecdotes are included: they are involving while keeping nonbelievers in mind. Considering their possibilities, even without a predilection for the paranormal, is intriguing.

The book notes that being open to extraordinary dreams, and even to remembering one’s dreams, takes practice. Fey provides basic training for willing dreamers, including relaxation and visualization techniques, and tricks like asking for or stating what kind of guidance is desired from one’s dreams. She is an encouraging teacher who has worked for years to hone her intuitive skills, and she draws on the example of the many dreams from her past that proved to be prophetic, or through which she interacted with spirit guides and angels.

Not every dream is important, but there are messages and wisdom to be gleaned from dreams if people can learn to pay attention, Fey says. Her tips for remembering dreams are helpful—even for audiences who aren’t trying to commune with angels or remember past lives.

The Awake Dreamer is a helpful, encouraging spiritual guide for getting the most out of one’s dreams.

Reviewed by Sarah White

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