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The Liberator, Volume One

William Manchee’s Tarizon: The Liberator (Book One of the Tarizon Trilogy) (Top Publications, 978-1-929976-48-5) follows a civil war between a malevolent totalitarian world government and a fairly benevolent totalitarian world government on a planet with a large minority of Earth émigrés. A Skywalker-ish figure thought to be the long-prophesied savior is initially reluctant to take up his role protecting mutants, the gilled Seafolken, and a microscopic species of builders called Nanomites from the Purists’ genocidal plans. Tarizon is a planet nearly wiped out by ecological disaster, aggressively repopulating for survival. That means copulation is encouraged, but committed love isn’t possible—a policy among the Liberator’s allies which he challenges, even while fighting for his life.

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