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Stretch for Change

How to Improve Your Change Fitness and Thrive in Life

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Stretch for Change is a work that will help people to adapt, and adapt well, in today’s fast-paced world.

Stretch for Change: How to Improve Your Change Fitness and Thrive in Life by Gustavo Razzetti liberates people from fear and detachment, moving them into a life of effectiveness and purpose.

“Change is hard” is both an understatement and a universal truth. But change can also be the door to a new and better life, personally and professionally. Razzetti knows how to change well. He quit his job midcareer to start his own company. Here, he shares what he’s learned in order to help others face change, follow their dreams, and find success.

This book firmly asserts that change is good. Its three parts work to help people in all walks of life build their “change fitness”—their ability to face and even initiate change well—by addressing their personal roadblocks to change, using their readiness to change to solve meaningful problems, and becoming a leader who thrives and helps others thrive in times of change.

Razzetti’s innovative spirit is contagious—a true asset to the book and to his audience. His tone is friendly and inspirational, and yet he effectively eliminates excuses, like a coach. Each chapter is packed with commonsense, no-nonsense advice, along with relatable hypothetical examples, real-life examples, and Razzetti’s personal stories.

Included are exercises to make it easy to apply the concepts of each section. While this approach is intensely practical, much of what is shared is intangible and philosophical, as change is inherently a mental practice. By starting with purpose in mind, this model ensures that change takes place to increase meaning, not just for the sake of variety.

The book effectively destroys the notion that only some people are good at change. On the contrary, it says, all kinds of people—from different professions, with different personalities, and from different backgrounds—can be good at change. Many may be skeptical, but the text pushes past change aversion with practical support and positive thinking. It will help each individual come up with an approach to change that works for them, rather than a crafting a prescriptive solution for everyone.

Razzetti’s expertise in innovation and self-improvement is clear through the depth and well-thought-out structure of his approach, which impart confidence.

Access to an online community accompanies the book, built on the notion that no one can change on their own but that people working together are powerful. For many who struggle with the very thought of change, this collective approach will be the key to living differently than they ever have.

Stretch for Change is a work that will help people to adapt, and adapt well, in today’s fast-paced world.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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