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She's Got the Jack

The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

Kate and Robert lustfully act out their passion in this addition to an explicit erotica series.

Suzanne Eglington’s She’s Got the Jack is a jaunty and dialogue-driven story that is liberally doused with vivid sex scenes. In this fourth title in the series, recurring characters complement leads Kate and Robert. Erotic scenes show all while Kate tells all, making for an action-light, literal account.

Kate and her police officer husband, Robert, have mad passion for each other, made eminently clear through an abundance of explicit sex scenes that are as much a part of the story as the actual plot. The series’ catalyst is the brief courtship and sudden marriage of the hot lovers. In this book, the story is propelled by Robert’s elite physical training with Kate’s boisterous Uncle Jack, a highly trained and experienced law enforcement professional. The story works toward an unforeseen, dramatic end with an exciting new development in the couple’s life that ensures another book in the series.

Robert is a classic alpha-male character; he is described as Kate’s “warrior,” “terminator,” and “gladiator,” and he guides her daily movements. Those following the series will understand Robert’s tendencies, and the backstory to this overprotectiveness is revealed. Robert fills the role of a good old-fashioned man—there to protect his woman. He is otherwise a shallow and broadly sketched character who reveals himself most through dialogue. Kate may be difficult to relate to; she does as her husband requests and goes with the flow so much that she seems to have no inner drive of her own.

Minor characters interact throughout, including the enigmatic Yoshiko and spirit walkers. Most are underdeveloped, their inner thoughts and motivations absent from the text. They function primarily as props for Kate and Robert to interact with.

Grammatical errors, sentence fragments, and malapropisms are a distraction, and clichés fail to hold interest. The plot is hazy, and the motivations of characters are often unclear. Abundant sex scenes seem gratuitous.

Robert and Kate’s explicit thoughts are shared throughout without subtlety or mystery, with lines like “He was slamming me, and just as I couldn’t take anymore, he emptied his orgasm into me.” Most of the sex scenes lack foreplay.

She’s Got the Jack is a brisk romp through the daily lives of Kate and Robert, who lustfully act out their passion throughout, in a way that will keep happy voyeurs pleased.

Reviewed by Felicia Topp

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