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Secret New Orleans

Oh, the world is an interesting place—so much to see, to learn about, to take pleasure in. But, consider for a moment how a place earns its status as a tourist destination. Why did ABC historic village get listed in the travel books and DEF state park get overlooked? Is it left to the whims of a travel guide author to decide what to include? If so, who made that particular penpusher the pope of popularity?

In Secret New Orleans the formula is straightforward and clever: hire an eccentric local and set him loose to write about the hidden, quirky, uniquely New Orleans-esque haunts of his beloved city. The largest wind chime sculpture in the world, for example, or the Fair Grounds Hall of Fame on a horse track founded in 1852, including gravesites for notable horses.

Such is the nature of this book, dozens of times over—grin-worthy reasons to get off that French Quarter barstool and wander about. Also, look for the recently released Secret Brooklyn, Secret London, Secret Paris, and Secret Cape Town, in addition to the many other cities and locales in this winning series.

Reviewed by Matt Sutherland

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