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People of the Sun

The Eye of Ra Book 3

People of the Sun is an exciting time travel novel in which siblings jump from mortal danger to moral dilemmas, determined to save their timeline.

Sarah and John thought that their time-traveling days were behind them, but when two future versions of themselves warn them that the future is going to be destroyed, they head back to the time of the Aztecs to convince a fellow time traveler to stop meddling with history.

Sarah and John’s individual strengths balance each other out. Sarah tends to be rash, while John is cautious; they work together to find a balance of knowing when to act. Though they often butt heads in their decision-making, their love for each other is always stronger than any tension. Each would do anything to protect the other, even if it means confronting a group of Aztec warriors or jumping off of a wall.

Rich historical details mark the story. John is delighted with the architecture of Tenochtitlan, and Sarah enjoys the homemade jerky and tortillas that their captors-turned-friends Ome and Huitzi offer. A recipe for xocolatl (a savory precursor to hot chocolate) at the back of book invites further exploration of the Aztec culture.

The book also deals with the moral dilemma of protecting the future versus the past. When the siblings confront the wayward time traveler, Toci, they learn that she desires to stop Cortés from wiping out the Aztec people. Sarah and John know that if they do not allow the original story line to continue, future lives are in jeopardy, but Toci questions what makes those lives worth more than those of the Aztecs. Though a decision is made, there is no definite moral resolution to this sobering question.

The time travel novel People of the Sun pairs action with philosophical questions.

Reviewed by Vivian Turnbull

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