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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 262 pages.

Book Review

Maire O'Ciaragain

by Delia Stanley

Maire O’Ciaragain is a bold historical fantasy novel centered on Irish traditions and spirituality; its brave leading ladies and magical elements hold attention. In Karin Elder’s historical fantasy novel Maire O’Ciaragain, an... Read More

Book Review

An Improbable Spy

by Michelle Newby

"An Improbable Spy" is a cryptic thriller: nothing is as it seems, and no one is who they say they are. David Paul Collins’s timely historical spy novel "An Improbable Spy" has all the elements of a classic Cold War-era tale, as the... Read More

Book Review

Off Island

by Karen Rigby

Lara Tupper’s melancholy alternative history combines the romance of visionary, socially outlying artists with down-to-earth events that reveal them as fallible people. "Off Island" reimagines Paul Gauguin’s final year and connects... Read More

Book Review


by Holly Jordan

"Passover" is a novel that powerfully reevaluates the evil choices individuals make, choices often disguised as solutions for the greater good. Jeff Yocum’s compelling novel "Passover" conveys the banality of evil and follows cycles of... Read More

Book Review

Sunday out of Nowhere

by Matt Sutherland

Sit next to me, Brian Swann. Be my companion. I sense in you what’s missing from my life: a voice of reason, tranquility, unmistakable originality. The author of all manner of work—anthologies of Native American literature,... Read More

Book Review

Survive Shift Work

by Melissa Wuske

"Survive Shift Work" shines a much-needed light on the pitfalls of graveyard shift jobs. Stephen Wilmot’s "Survive Shift Work" proposes a compelling, easy-to-follow, and powerful means of handling the strain of nonstandard working... Read More

Book Review

Cade's Rebellion

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

Intelligent and lingering, Sheehy’s book is a look at a different kind of life just inside the Washington Beltway. Edward Sheehy’s Cade’s Rebellion is a smart, memorable story of clashing cultures. Jack Cade, a veteran of the war... Read More

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