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Mortal Sight

In Sandra Fernandez Rhoads’s young adult fantasy, Mortal Sight, an ambitious teenager directs her unearthly powers to destroying vicious monsters, endangering the lives of those around her.

Since she was seven, Cera and her mother have always moved just before her birthday. Close to her seventeenth birthday, Cera has a prophetic vision of her friend in fatal danger; it is accompanied by agonizing emotions and throbbing pain.

Cera rushes to save her friend; to do so, she has to fight off a monstrous demon bird whose screech rings loud. Cera fights not to shout or throw up, but the encounter sends her world spinning. She collapses, and Maddox, whom she just met, appears; together, they run from the beast. Maddox leads her to a community of people with similar powers where she learns about her destiny.

The uncertainty surrounding Cera’s destiny drives the novel. In the beginning, Cera is unsure of why she’s having frightening visions. When she meets others like her, she has to learn where she belongs. When the rest of the cast realize who she is, and what others like her are capable of, she comes to seem a threat, her presence putting the safe haven in jeopardy.

The book’s descriptions of Cera’s visions and the monsters she encounters are horrifying, evoking a sense of the impending threat. Cera and the group she’s joined remain alert for possible attacks. As Cera grapples to make sense of everything happening to her, lines from John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost, guide her, their events and characters echoed in her own story.

Mortal Sight is an absorbing fantasy about a teenager’s struggle to discover her destiny.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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