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Melt the Ice

A Millennial's Guide: 9 Ways to Earn $9K in 90 Days

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Melt the Ice forwards actionable information to help hard-working, aspiring entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom.

Emmaus Ferdinand’s Melt the Ice is a strategy guide for those seeking side hustles that could earn them significant cash, even freedom from nine-to-five work.

The book covers nine money-making methods, including reselling in-demand event tickets for premium prices, wholesaling items imported in bulk, operating vacation rentals through marketplaces like Airbnb, and buying and selling cars like a dealer. These methods aren’t for those seeking easy money; some strategies, such as selling wholesale real estate, can require significant startup funds. But Ferdinand argues that those who settle on the strategy that is right for them can net $9,000 in ninety days.

Ferdinand has firsthand experience with all but one of strategies named, and so the book is peppered with personal anecdotes, examples, and accounts of early missteps that give its guidance credibility. An assertion that Ferdinand was able to quit his day job when he was twenty-eight, and thereafter live off the profits of his entrepreneurial endeavors, is inspiring, as are his accounts of business hours spent operating a travel-related multilevel marketing business, formed on a model similar to Avon and Amway. Other accounts of trying, and failing, at multilevel marketing support the book’s contention that passionate multilevel marketers have a legitimate chance to earn substantial returns in short periods.

But the book comprises a variety of strategies beyond MLM enterprises. While each chapter acts as more of an overview of an individual strategy than as a comprehensive guide, each includes enough information to explain what its work looks like in the real world. For instance, those who aren’t willing to dig through and haul away trash as well as treasures should not try buying and reselling the contents of abandoned storage units, the book says. And as a complement to the obstacles posed by contemporary economic environments, it advises establishing multiple income streams at a time.

Most of the book’s chapters include at least one bullet-pointed list of websites, encouraging additional research beyond its work. Each chapter also ends with a table summarizing its important information, like start-up costs. Lined pages for adding notes and action steps are also included. Notes about Ferdinand’s coaching, classes, and webinars is also shared—evidence of how he’s practiced the very money-making strategies he covers. This interactive format fits well with the book’s clear, concise writing style, which helps to clarify what implementing each strategy would entail.

Melt the Ice forwards actionable information to help hard-working, aspiring entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom.

Reviewed by Charlene Oldham

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