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Life's Journey into Despair and Failure

The Anti-Life Controlling and Destroying Us

Clarion Rating: 1 out of 5

There is no God. There is no forgiveness. The world is on a continuous cycle of good and evil in which evil and its cesspools of iniquity are forever compelling everyday people to do deceitful things.

This is the world according to Edward Einar Hailio who has always seen the world in a very different way. This book acts as his platform from which he spews his incredibly lopsided and hateful views of society. Police officers and paramedics (or “Agents of Death”) are subject to his wrath and he even says that “Princes Diana of the Royal Malevolence of Britain” is the “Emissary of Evil” sent to reclaim England’s human chattel. But where does it all come from? Hailio offers an adjective-laden rant about the origins of space life matter and time at the onset of the book painfully detailing the creation of the universe and eventually Earth and its inhabitants. While the information is provided as absolute truth the most troubling aspect of this book is the lack of primary sources or any sources whatsoever.

Hailio makes gigantic claims while offering absolutely no evidence to back them up; it is quite simply his view of the world—love it or leave it. According to the author there are two opposing life forces in action at every waking moment; those of Life and Anti-Life. These forces engage in a battle for ultimate domination changing shape and form as the world grows older. As simple an idea as this seems Hailio shrouds his ideology with strings of complicated and inane narrative that fails to make any possible sense. Take this passage for example: “Forever tumbling the Dice of Life allowed Time (Energy) to evolve in many directions.” Hailio opts to place words in brackets to explain what he is apparently truly trying to say. The problem with this lies in the fact that Hailio uses the same words to explain opposing terms such as here: “Confused and bewildered Life (Time) changed with every toss of the dice (DNA).”

But as complicated as Hailio’s approach is the real circus begins when he addresses recent history and every facet of modern life. Hailio claims that the string of political-fueled assassinations in the sixties—those of JFK RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. —were necessities since anyone who stands up for genuine good and peace in the world simply delivers “theatrical oration designed to deceive the populace.” From here Hailio contemns firefighters who he claims actually cared about saving lives at one time but now are out for nothing more than money; Reverend Desmond Tutu who is simply an evil doer of the Anti-Life regime that is the Catholic Church; and even the governments of the world who knowingly released AIDS unto the populace.

With a proliferation of anti-establishment rants laced with racist views and total hatred of everything humanity has become Hailio completely abandons any hope he developed at the onset of being taken seriously. Ultimately his solution to dealing with the prevailing Anti-Life regime is to simply abandon all hope in the genuine goodness of humanity. There is no God no forgiveness yet we must somehow reconnect with life.

Reviewed by Liam Brennan

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