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Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It

And Other Cooking Projects

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Cooking is skilled labor, blue-collar, and always a fine opportunity to get your hands dirty. Before the advent of celebrity chefs, the work of the kitchen felt closer to masonry than artistry. In days of yore, putting food up for use in later weeks or months required a real understanding of bacterial processes, preservation, sanitation, and storage options. Mistakes might greatly affect how one survived the winter. This very fine book also reminds us that crackers, chips, dips, jams, jellies, dressings, pickles, olives, pastas, smoked and cured fish, and meat, all taste wonderful. And as kitchen projects go, they provide a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. A playful and exuberant writer, Solomon is also the author of The Cheap Bastards Guide to San Francisco and a contributor to several Bay area publications. Many of the recipes in this book will bring a grin of reminiscence to anyone with memories of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt era.

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