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Book Review

Life after Law School

by Joseph S. Pete

In the musing novel "Life after Law School", a Sudanese immigrant overcomes adversity to become a lawyer while confronting racial bias in an unequal society. In Peter Gaisiance’s novel "Life after Law School", an immigrant pursues a... Read More

Book Review


by Katerie Prior

"How." is a powerful guidebook for bringing ideas to life in challenging times. With the knowledge that everyone has ideas, but most struggle to bring them to life, R. Geoffrey Blackburn’s engaging, motivational self-improvement book... Read More

Book Review

Real Talk Tarot

by Kristine Morris

For relatability and accessibility, "Real Talk Tarot" updates the tarot, making the ancient system of self-knowledge and divination easy to use and appealing. Here, the tarot’s six-hundred-year-old system of applying archetypes to life... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Inspired by Finnish mythology and folklore, "Oksi" is a grand, memorable graphic novel about family, jealousy, and love. Umi is a mother bear with several cubs. One, Poorling, is different from the others. Scaup, a primordial god in the... Read More

Book Review

Historical Accuracy

by Joseph S. Pete

The informative and passionate textual survey "Historical Accuracy" reviews the veracity of biblical accounts. Inquisitive and scholarly, Steve Campbell’s religious text "Historical Accuracy" is about the historical backgrounds of... Read More

Book Review

Escape from Oblivia

by Claire Foster

In the novel Escape From Oblivia, a man flirts with his long overdue maturation, but faces obstacles both real and imagined in the process. Brian Kindall’s novel "Escape from Oblivia" uses humor to address the romantic, personal, and... Read More

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