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Book Review


by Eric Patterson

“We make a lot of mistakes, and often we take the wrong path,” writes Oscar Farinetti in "Serendipity", a whirlwind book of forty-eight essays that tour some of the best culinary mistakes to grace humanity’s palate, from Barolo... Read More

Book Review

Off My Knees

by Carolina Ciucci

In the powerful memoir "Off My Knees", a woman turns her life around after hitting rock bottom. Julie D. Summers’s "Off My Knees" is a compelling memoir about overcoming abuse, addiction, and time in prison. After a tumultuous... Read More

Book Review

Slim: Frank, 1922-2012

by Mari Carlson

Exemplifying family pride, Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is the biography of an Australian man who memorably protested changing times. Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is Angela Darlington’s biography of her grandfather, who resisted personal,... Read More

Book Review

The Photo Thief

by Carolina Ciucci

J. L. Delozier’s eerie mystery novel "The Photo Thief" involves a detective, a murderer, and a teenage girl with unusual gifts. Dan just lost his daughter to cancer; he’s still reeling when he’s asked to investigate a socialite’s... Read More

Book Review

In Transit

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Dianna E. Anderson’s "In Transit" troubles the idea of “transgender” as an umbrella identity and “transition” as synonymous with bodily alteration. Rather, through the recursive application of theoretical frameworks around... Read More

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