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Book Review

Historical Accuracy

by Joseph S. Pete

The informative and passionate textual survey "Historical Accuracy" reviews the veracity of biblical accounts. Inquisitive and scholarly, Steve Campbell’s religious text "Historical Accuracy" is about the historical backgrounds of... Read More

Book Review

Escape from Oblivia

by Claire Foster

In the novel Escape From Oblivia, a man flirts with his long overdue maturation, but faces obstacles both real and imagined in the process. Brian Kindall’s novel "Escape from Oblivia" uses humor to address the romantic, personal, and... Read More

Book Review

Friends of the Enchanted Forest

by Ho Lin

"Friends of the Enchanted Forest" is a pleasant holiday story with an enjoyable cast of furry heroes. Glenda Crenshaw’s fun early reader "Friends of the Enchanted Forest" follows five animal friends through their magical adventures.... Read More

Book Review

Life and Other Complications

by Karen Rigby

In Heather Mullaly’s agonizing novel "Life and Other Complications", a teenager who lied about how she contracted HIV faces her past to reclaim her self-worth. Aly was once a member of the Children Living with Life Threatening... Read More

Book Review

Seeking Two Elks Fighting

by Jeremiah Rood

"Seeking Two Elks Fighting" is a rich historical novel in which a man works to find himself at the height of Idaho’s gold rush. Joseph Dorris’s sweeping historical novel "Seeking Two Elks Fighting", the fifth entry in the Sheepeater... Read More

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