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I'm So Ready for Life

Book 1: So This is How the World Works

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Wong’s book does a great job of teaching children the importance of money.

Joseph Wong’s I’m So Ready for Life uses simple, straightforward writing to offer young children an introductory explanation of how money works.

Though short, the book is remarkably effective in sharing information about how money came to be and why money is worth different amounts in different countries, as well as concepts of supply and demand, profit margins, taxes, and opportunity cost. Drawing from his background in the banking industry, Wong impressively and skillfully distills his knowledge into explanations and examples that young children can understand and relate to.

Fun cartoon illustrations by Joy Wong are sprinkled throughout the book. They showcase two characters—a young man and a young woman—that the target audience is likely to identify with. Bright and colorful images, such as of a dragon, a tiger, and a designer tennis shoe, are also included and relate to the concepts being taught.

The book is very well organized. Each chapter covers a single topic, and at the end of each chapter, there is a summary of the vocabulary words that have been introduced, along with a brief question that attempts to create a related scenario a child might actually face.

In a chapter on supply and demand, the author asks children to consider which would be more in demand at a birthday party, broccoli salad or fruit jelly, and then based on their thoughts, which option they should bring. Following the questions are notes indicating where to find the author’s opinion. Though separating the author’s thoughts from the exercises seems to be a strange choice at first, it affords an opportunity for parents and children to discuss possible answers on their own, and really think about what they are learning before seeing the book’s own explanations.

Teaching children the importance of money in creating a comfortable life cannot be underestimated, and I’m So Ready for Life is a great early step in that process.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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