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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 38 pages.

Book Review

Aunty Jane Knits Up A Storm

by Kristine Morris

This inspiring picture book acknowledges the realities of loss and highlights the healing power of love. Steve Wolfson’s tenderhearted picture book Aunty Jane Knits Up a Storm concerns the healing powers of creativity and love. Aunty... Read More

Book Review

Spider's New Friend

by Alex Dailey

The familiar picture book Spider’s New Friend imparts lessons about kindness and personal dedication. Dirdura Wynn’s picture book Spider’s New Friend delivers timeless lessons about persisting—and about choosing kindness over... Read More

Book Review

Ava's Triumph

by Danielle Ballantyne

Plush bunnies are set and photographed within intricate miniature scenes for this tale about making the best of unexpected challenges. Ava loves to paint, especially at the park, but a rogue soccer ball spells disaster for her latest... Read More

Book Review

The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals

by Kristine Morris

In this book about animal rescues, basic guidelines for acquiring puppies or adult dogs come alongside accounts of the joys of giving rescued animals a second chance. "The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals" is Karen Burnett’s heartfelt... Read More

Book Review

Ellery's Magic Bicycle

by Aimee Jodoin

Ellery’s Magic Bicycle is an uplifting picture book in which a girl forms a magical friendship that lasts throughout the years. In Maria Monte’s heartwarming picture book Ellery’s Magic Bicycle, a girl with a bike that seems to... Read More

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