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How to Survive Life (And Death)

A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond

The ultimate in mastery may well be found in the pages of this spiritually uplifting book, written by a man whose three near-death experiences have informed his fearlessness about facing the afterlife. “Take a look at all the miracles that Life has already been, and always is,” writes Robert Kopecky. “What if you knew it wasn’t all over with this, after all?”

Kopecky promotes the notion of living a life filled with love, compassion, and selflessness, suggesting that a life so lived will not only bring a sense of value and purpose to this life, but carry one peacefully into the afterlife. He urges the reader to adopt a philosophy based on three tenets: radical kindness, radical forgiveness, and radical surrender (the latter he defines as “surrendering to the Universe” to be happy in the afterlife).

The author has a way with words, spinning spiritual philosophy with a good dose of self-effacing humor and a healthy perspective. He writes, “When you look back at the hardest times in your life, you see that they’re over, aren’t they?…In short, happiness is always waiting for us to simply get out of our own way, and find out that we’ve had it all along.” Kopecky strongly believes that “the end really isn’t”; rather, beings live “in a spiritual dimension” once their physical presence is gone. This unabashedly positive book may not leave all readers confident that they can master the afterlife, but it will surely cause many to reconsider their fear of death and dying. And that may be mastery enough.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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