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Book Review

Goat Castle

by Clarissa Goldsmith

This riveting true-crime exploration highlights the relationship between race and the law in the post-Civil War South. Karen L. Cox’s Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South translates historical facts into an... Read More

Book Review

In Vino Duplicitas

by Joseph S. Pete

Wine aficionados and teetotalers alike would savor the well-reported true crime tale where FBI stands for Fake Bottle Investigators. Peter Hellman’s "In Vino Duplicitas" is a heady, intoxicating book that shines a light on the esoteric... Read More

Book Review


by Gary Henry

"Undeterred" is a vivid and important memoir about real evil hiding in plain sight. A frightening narrative of conspiracy, racism, and hatred in midwestern America, Tracey Brame’s "Undeterred" is a disturbing work of nonfiction drawn... Read More

Book Review

Music You Will Never Hear

by Lynn Evarts

Violent crimes have wide implications, as this work of true crime shows. Angelo J. Kaltsos’s "Music You Will Never Hear" relates the story of the author’s uncle who, in 1946, shot and killed a Boston police officer and was... Read More

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