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Book Review

An UnFair Advantage

by Kristine Morris

Tischendorf’s meticulously detailed account reveals the criminal justice system at its best during a time when much is being made of its failings. “There is no word in the English language to describe a mother who has lost her... Read More

Book Review


by Randy Radic

Brandt’s remarkable storytelling ability turns this true crime tale into the exciting, personal story of a charming con artist. True crime is a difficult genre to write effectively. Vast amounts of research are required, along with a... Read More

Book Review

In the Spider's Web

by Julia Jenkins

Striking, deeply honest, and sensitively told, this novel based in real life considers juvenile prisons and all its dramas. Jerome Gold calls In the Spider’s Web a “nonfiction novel.” In it, he depicts the routines and characters... Read More

Book Review

Wicked Takes the Stand

by Beth VanHouten

In her strong book about a real-life courtroom tragedy, true-crime author Mardi Link interprets legal jargon for a wide audience and makes the story fascinating. True crime and courtroom drama meet in Wicked Takes the Stand: A Tale of... Read More

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