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Book Review

A Wilder Time

by Rebecca Foster

Eighty percent of Greenland is covered by ice. That makes it an inhospitable setting, certainly, but it’s “a dream” for scientists, William E. Glassley writes. In "A Wilder Time", an account of the geologist’s research journeys,... Read More

Book Review

UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens

by Rachel Jagareski

This entertaining study reveals a public fascinated with the unverifiable. Even for those who don’t believe the hokum, aliens and UFOs are a source of fascination—explored through speculative fiction, sci-fi flicks, and television... Read More

Book Review

Willy Ley

by Amanda Adams

Ley was a pioneer of both scientific exploration and widespread media entertainment; this biography gives the visionary his due. Willy Ley: Prophet of the Space Age, by Jared S. Buss, is a dynamic biography of a remarkable scientific... Read More

Book Review

The Conquest of Cancer

by Katerie Prior

Kalina compellingly argues on behalf of an underutilized cancer treatment in his persuasive new work. In "The Conquest of Cancer", Vladimir Kalina provides insight into a controversial therapy that may provide a less intrusive treatment,... Read More

Book Review

The Foetal Circulation

by Rachel Jagareski

Gilchrist’s ideas deserve further exploration by others in the research community. Alan Gilchrist’s "The Foetal Circulation" is a revision of his earlier works on the subject, bolstered by his extensive review of the literature of... Read More

Book Review

Saving Arcadia

by Anna Call

This work of creative nonfiction may be among the year’s best pieces of environmental drama so far. Following the journey of a local nonprofit as it fights to save a unique dune ecosystem, it features both true-to-life recounting of... Read More

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