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Book Review

Beyond Snowden

by Bradley A. Scott

This is an important book from a uniquely informed source on a critical and timely topic. "Beyond Snowden", written by Timothy H. Edgar, a civil liberties lawyer who had a ringside view of development of government surveillance programs,... Read More

Book Review

The Last Palestinian

by Karl Helicher

Rumley and Tibon make the complexities of the Middle East accessible for those who have little background within this political cauldron. Grant Rumley, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Amir Tibon, an... Read More

Book Review

Tough Sell

by Benjamin Welton

This book masterfully blends military history with politics and media studies. Tom Basile’s "Tough Sell" is an ode to the many men and women who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority during the early days of the Iraq War. The... Read More

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