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Book Review

Japanese Literature

by Josh Cook

Marcus offers sundry lessons and incites a new appreciation for Japan’s culture, history, and literature. “Compared with its ubiquitous commercial products,” Marvin Marcus writes, “the literature of Japan is little... Read More

Book Review

Sweet Lechery

by Peter Dabbene

Heer has a knack for making anything interesting, which might be the best praise a writer can garner. Jeet Heer displays the leisurely wit and wisdom of a polymath, writing about everything from Canadian culture and politics at large, to... Read More

Book Review

Study in Perfect

by Melissa Wuske

Gorham’s insights into perfection expand and clarify vision—for individuals’ lives and the world at large. There are questions that plague both mind and heart: What does “perfect” really mean? How is it manifested or... Read More

Book Review

The Renaissance

by Geraldine Richards

Pick up this book if you want to see beyond a worshipping view of the historical period that shaped the modern world with all its glories and horrors. "The Renaissance", with nineteen essays plus photo explorations, changes the... Read More

Book Review

Myths of Love

by Jason Henninger

Love, sex, and the minotaur meet in a fascinating collection of essays. In what ways do the themes of classical mythology and folklore inform people, both in the modern world and antiquity, of the nature of love and sex? What began as a... Read More

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